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Look.  I get it.  It’s not fair to compare children.

They are their own people, with their own unique qualities some good, some bad, just like us adults.

But I can’t help it.

Camila was and is a spirited girl.  With super highs and super lows.  She cries hard and laughs hard.

A girl quick to freak out but equally quick to calm down ever since she was a baby.

Smiles.  She doesn’t just give them away, you have to earn them.  I’m proud that she isn’t easy in that way.


Oh, my dear Elsa.

Calm, smiling all the time, barely cries and did I mention she sleeps?  A lot?  AT NIGHT?!?!?!?

I’m aware I am comparing apples and oranges and one is a toddler and that REALLY isn’t fair.

And I don’t love Camila less than I do Elsa because I am crazy about my almost three year old.


But I have found more room in my heart for my youngest.  I’m so glad that she’s joined us and really thankful that she’s a calm baby.

SO thankful.

And that she sleeps…did I mention that she sleeps?

At least for now she does…we still have to make it through teething.



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